Helper Classes

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Apart from columnsCounter has other useful CSS classes that can help you style your content. Below is the list of these classes with code examples and descriptions.

Muted Text

<span class"muted">Muted text</span>

Muted text will be 50% transparent. Works with paragraphs, headings, spans, and other text elements.

Drop Cap

<span class="dropcap">C</span>offee...

Use drop cap to highlight the beginning of an article. To add a drop cap, simply wrap the first letter with a span with a dropcap class.


<span class="highlight">Highlighted text</span>

To draw user’s attention to a specific phrase, wrap the words you need to be highlighted with the highlight class.

Lead Dots

<p class="lead-dots"><span>Americano</span> <span>2.5</span></p>

Lead dots may be useful to create simple menus or service lists like the one you see in the demo. To add lead dots add a lead-dots class to a paragraph or a heading, and wrap the name of the service and the price in spans.